State is a variable typeface whose styles are inspired by human emotions. The typeface explores the new Variable Font format, an innovative technology that allows the user of a typeface to control the style of the font by using a set of sliders. The three axes of State are Greed, Pride, and Anger. Each axis consists of a pair of opposing emotions: desired and fulfilled for Greed, shy and confident for Pride, and calm and angry for Anger. A neutral type style—free of emotional expression—appears when all three axes were set in the middle. In the same way, a pure form of specific emotion will appears when other two axes were set in the middle. This font is still in development. Some punctuations, symbols and kerning are not yet finished. But all of the alphanumeric characters are there.

All the masters are drawn by Potch Auacherdkul - potch.aua at,

Desire Fulfilled
Shy Confident
Calm Angry